#roadtrip anyone?

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In honor of Marketo's Marketing Nation Online 2015,  I couldn't help notice the trending hashtags associated with #MKTGNation and wonder why: #marketosummit, #contentmarketing, #MKTGgenius, #Marketo, #Thrive, #Webinar, #buyerpersonas, #marketing, #roadtrip, #BigData

This was a remarkable virtual event, so the obvious marketing-related hastags like #webinar make sense - one can't ignore the webinar's potential as an engagement tool. Broadcasting and evaluating success with #Marketo can be #bigdata #MKTGgenious! So I'm not surprised that these trending tags orbit the Marketing Nation.

But my favorite two are #roadtrip and #thrive.

Who doesn't love a roadtrip! There's something about being in transit. Looking down the road as it changes; anticipating your destination; the view from wherever you are along the way. It is exhilarating to be headed someplace new. As metaphor though, this hashtag makes perfect sense. Every Marketo journey is like a roadtrip.

It requires planning. What will you need to bring with you? What route will you take? What roadside attractions will you stop to see along the way?

  • What methods do you use to market to your audience? This will determine what channels (live events, email, social, blog, webinar) you need to set up.
  • A buyer's journey constitutes a series of interactions with your marketing messages. What progressions do your buyers move through on the way to a 'success' and have you set up Marketo to listen for these?
  • Does your CRM campaign structure mirror the channels and successes you've defined in Marketo?

A roadtrip takes time. So does developing a robust Marketo system.

  • Just like watching the gas gauge or checking your oil, are you watching your system to make sure it's working correctly? Simple audits of operational processes and lead progressions in different channels can give you great insight into whether your system is working properly.
  • Don't put diesel in your unleaded tank! Develop nurture programs based on what you know about your buyers and current customers. Then send them timely and relevant content.
  • Understanding your data takes time. Lead scoring, FT, MT, LT and other metrics take time. Set mile markers quarterly and review the data when you have enough information to make decisions about your process.

Know where you're going. It's important to have a plan for getting where you want to go, but keep in mind there's more than one way to get there.

  • Define what your objectives are. How many leads do you need to generate to achieve your revenue goals?
  • Avoid construction delays. In other words, what channels are your most successful for engaging leads and closing deals? Don't be afraid to try new things, but also stick with what you know works.
  • Dont' forget to benchmark - take snapshots of where you are now so you'll know how far you've come!

And finally, road trips are more fun with someone else. Gather a team to go with you and watch your system #thrive!