Program Success Best Practices - Once a Success Always a Success

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Recently one of my clients noticed that records were showing up in the program membership tab as a success even though the program status wasn’t a success status. I discovered that the record had reached program status which was success and then the client later changed the status to one which wasn’t a success status. The client didn’t use the 'Change Program Success' flow step and set success to false. Thus, once a record reaches success it will always be a success which will impact your reporting unless you reset success to false.

Example of the program membership tab.


Channel program statuses.


Here is the how to the status of records to a non-success status.


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Hi Brian,

The last time I tried to have more than one status with the same number ranking, MKTO gave me an error saying that I could not do that. (We used to be able to do this, and, as in your example above, be able to move people forward or backward within statuses with the same number.)

Otherwise, thank you for this post, I was under the impression that any changes in whether or not a status was deemed a success would automatically/retroactively update all members of a program.

Good to know!


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Hi Lynn, it's strange you weren't able to set two statuses with the same step. I just tried and it still worked for me. You may want to try again and if you have an issue please include a screen shot. Thanks!