Pathway to Email Marketing Webinar

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Hello Community,

Thanks to all that attended the Webinar “Email best practices, defining a winning strategy with Don Mayberry”.  This was a great success with over 300 people watching in real time.  For anyone unable to attend, not to worry, the on-demand version is available online so that you don’t miss out on the great content!

Email best practices is important as email Marketing provides a greater return on investment than any other marketing channel. The webinar discussed defining a winning strategy that included making sure as marketers we earn our prospects trust and personalize per touches and the buyer journey.

During the webinar, we had many viewers engaging with us by asking questions about email best practices. Below are a popular questions and answers:

  1. 1.       People may read email at night, but are they more likely to buy at night?

Well yes, if there more likely to read it then, purchase is at its highest opportunity.

  1. 2.       How does A/B testing know which "options" or "alternatives" yield the best results?

This is where you will seek to understand and consume the results you drive, you tell Marketo what you’re interested in testing, the best use case is to identify a single factor (subject line/Clicks etc.), document and then implement based on what you find.

  1. 3.       Why do you need to set date for send test?

Setting a send test date in the email program tells Marketo when the test group should receive the variants your testing for, this is time frame to receive results on what your testing relative to the Send Winner Date.

  1. 4.       In a lead's Marketo Activity, if it says an email was delivered, does that mean they opened it because a delivery is indicated by an opening?

Marketo will indicate an open if the image pixel we add is requested and or if there is engagement on any link

  1. 5.       Can you please provide more guidance on repeated use of key words in email content? How often is too much?

Free isn’t a bad Marketing word, it’s the “punctuation abuse”(my new term for you all) that set’s off red flags. So if things are spelled right and used reasonably according to the content you be better than say … FREE!!!!!!FREE!!!!FREEE!!!!.

If you would like to further your skills in email marketing, we encourage you to explore the Marketo University course catalog where courses course like “Optimizing Email Deliverability” and “Core Concepts” will help build your email marketing skills and make you a better Marketer overall.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below

Thanks again!