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PPC and Web Personalization – Perfect Together

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So you’ve decided Pay-per-click Ads are working for your organization, or maybe you are just dipping your toe in the PPC ocean. Why not amp up the power of that marketing investment with web personalization? This provides a seamless, personalized experience for users who click on your ads and then visit your website.  And we all know that personalization leads to higher response and engagement rates.

How does this work?  Let’s take a look…

Google AdWords setup

A click on a Google Ads, sends the visitor to your website’s URL with additional parameters in the URL. These parameters are known as utm parameters and capture information such as the campaign type, source, and ad group. These are defined in Google AdWords, or can be manually added by the user in the destination URL of the advertisement. Here’s a great reference to learn more about how to tag your AdWords URLs and another that provides a URL builder.

For our example let’s say the campaign uses the following URL:



Web Personalization setup

Within Web Personalization (also known as RTP) you’ll want to use the Segment > Behavioral option of Include Pages as pictured below, and include a parameter related to the URL the visitor clicks on from the PPC campaign. In this example we’ll use the value for campaign and include wild cards (*) to be sure we capture that parameter – like this: *campaign=summer*

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It's that simple!  Are you using PPC and Web Personalization?  If not, give it a try.

Thanks to David Myers​ for his assistance as usual.

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