Microsoft Dynamics Native Connector Setup Checklist

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

So you’re planning on connecting your Microsoft Dynamics (MSD) instance to your Marketo instance using the Native Connector. You’ve probably already reviewed our Microsoft Dynamics Sync Overview Documentation and maybe even the Sync Setup steps. What's next?


Items to Consider

Before you dive right in to configuring the sync, you should consider the following questions:

  • Are you connecting to MSD Online or MSD On-Prem?
  • Is your Marketo instance configured to use the S2S authentication method for the connector?
  • Was your Marketo instance provisioned as part of a Config/Instance Copy migration from a separate Marketo instance?
  • If so, was the source instance of the Config Copy connected to MSD?
  • Was your MSD instance provisioned through a migration from a separate MSD instance?
  • If so, was the source instance of your MSD migration connected to a Marketo instance?

If either of your instances were provisioned through a migration or if you are unsure of the answers to any of the above questions, it’s highly recommended that you engage Professional Services or Support to ensure that your Marketo instance is properly configured for connecting to MSD.


MSD Connector Setup Steps Checklist

Once you’ve confirmed that your Marketo instance is configured to natively connect with MSD, review the following checklist:

  • From Marketo, Download the latest and relevant Marketo Lead Management (MLM) solution
  • In MSD, install the MLM solution
  • In MSD, set up the Marketo Sync User
  • In MSD, assign the Marketo Sync user to the Marketo Sync User Role
  • In MSD, configure the Marketo Solution to work with the Marketo Sync User
  • In MSD, register the MSD CRM App with Azure AD
  • In MSD, configure CRM App Permissions
  • In MSD, generate a Client Secret
  • In MSD, create a Sync Filter field on the Lead and Contact entities and populate existing records with the appropriate value
  • In Marketo, run Validate Sync Setup
  • In Marketo, connect Marketo to Dynamics
  • In Marketo, select Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity fields to sync
  • In Marketo, enable the sync

Follow-up Items

After your Initial Sync is complete, you’ll receive an email. Then you should consider these follow-up items:

  • Test the Sync from MSD by creating/updating records
  • Test the Sync from Marketo by creating/updating records and running them through the appropriate flow steps
  • Review the Field Management section in Marketo for any duplicate fields that need to be remapped or merged
  • Review your Marketo database for duplicates that may need to be merged
  • Sync Custom Entities through Admin > Integration > Microsoft Custom Entities in Marketo
  • If purchased, install and configure Marketo Sales Insight in MSD


While the above lists should cover a majority of use cases for implementing the Native MSD Connector, it’s always a good idea to work closely with your account team and support to ensure that no edge cases are overlooked.