Marketo University's Free Training Videos

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Marketo University is pleased to announce the addition of 7 new training modules, bringing our total available training modules to 20. These modules are available for free to employees, partners and customers. The new training modules are available on Marketo’s web site at:

The New Marketo University

Marketers now have access to free, self-paced training modules from Marketo University, which cover everything from setting up a Marketo instance to building engaging content. These training modules are designed to provide foundational knowledge covering all core aspects of the engagement platform.  More than 40 training modules are planned for release by the end of 2017.

Each training module typically contains four core components to help any marketer, regardless of background or skill level, learn engagement marketing concepts and see how they are executed through the Marketo Engagement Platform. These components include:

  • A LEARN video to introduce the concept, what it is, why it’s important, and key considerations for success.
  • A WATCH video that provides instructions on how to approach and execute the topic within the Marketo Engagement Platform.
  • DO resources, which provide step-by-step written instructions on how to accomplish tasks in Marketo.
  • A CHECK assessment, which is a short quiz to assess whether someone has learned the core concepts of the training module.

Marketo’s instructor-led courses, which offer deep-dive and hands-on training in the Marketo Engagement Platform, will still be available through Marketo University for a fee, as will the Marketo Certified Expert Exam. Newly added Marketo Specializations are also available to certified experts to extend their Marketo certification.

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Where can I find the free training videos? 

Marketo Employee

Hey @ceciliagonzalez We have migrated all of our free to access training videos to Experience League. You can check it out here, under Marketo Tutorials: