Marketo Engage Account Insights Browser Plug-in End of Life

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Adobe is removing Marketo Account Insights Browser Plug-in from Chrome Web Store on April 8, 2024. After this date, existing customers can continue using the plug-in if it is already installed on their Google Chrome browser. The plug-in does not support sign-in with Adobe ID. Once a user is migrated to Adobe Identity for authentication of Marketo, the user will no longer be able to access the plug-in.  


For more information about Marketo on Adobe Identity, please see:   

Adobe Identity Management Overview 

Understanding Marketo Subscription and User Migration to the Adobe Admin Console 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Adobe removing Account Insights Browser Plug-in from Chrome Web Store?  

Due to low adoption rates, we have decided to redirect our focus and resources on more utilized features. 


Why sign-in with Adobe ID isn’t supported by this plug-in?   

The plug-in was developed before Marketo was acquired by Adobe in 2018. Since the acquisition, Product team has been working to integrate Marketo with Adobe identity to deliver value to our customers.  

When will Adobe no longer support Account Insights Browser Plug-in for existing users? 

Effective immediately, no updates, bug fixes or enhancements will be made. The plug-in will continue to function in an as-is state. 


How do I know when my user record will be migrated to Adobe Identity? 

Please contact your company's Marketo product admin(s) for an approximate timeline. 


What Marketo features can I use instead of Account Insights Browser Plug-in moving forward?  

We have no plans to offer a replacement feature at this time. 


Are other Marketo email plug-ins going to be impacted? 

No, Sales Insights Chrome Plug-in and Sales Insights Outlook Plug-in will not be impacted. Only Account Insights Browser Plug-in is impacted, which is used with Target Account Management (TAM.)