Marketing & Sales Alignment Woes? Check out my Summit Session!

Level 9
Level 9

Lots of organizations have trouble aligning their marketing and sales teams. It’s not uncommon, and it (kind of) makes sense when you think about it! Marketing and sales typically perceive their differences in priorities, (Marketing focusing on lead gen, content creation, etc., and Sales focusing on closing opportunities and servicing customers) as a barrier to those groups working closely together. If any of this sounds familiar, you should come to my session at Summit!


Marketo Engaged is designed to help foster an alignment strategy that promotes efficiency, scalability, and all around better outcomes for your organization. Marketing and Sales might have different day-to-day priorities, but at my session at Summit I’ll be discussing the fundamentals of how to use lead scoring in Marketo Engage as a way to build a relationship between teams. You’ll learn ways to engage with your sales organization and collaborate on scoring, how to align priorities and goals, and how execute your plan in Marketo Engage.


Getting off the ground with a lead scoring program might sound daunting, but it’s not. It will help everyone get on the same page, and will drive the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams to deliver better outcomes and growth.


Hope to see you there!