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Interesting Moments in Marketo are a good way to improve sales and marketing alignment in your company. Interesting Moments are one of the juiciest features in Marketo, however, I see very fewer marketers using them effectively. Interesting moments allow us to capture key moments in a lead's journey. These can then be synced with your CRM to allow the sales team to gain valuable information to close a deal. However, sales teams often don't find these useful. The reason is that the data just isn't helpful to them.


Here are some tips to make sure your interesting moments are as useful as possible:

  1. Interesting moments are for Sales people, so align with them to discuss what is valuable and what not?
  2. Plan your interesting moment types, set naming structure and follow the same.
  3. You need not to share all information with your sales team. Use interesting moments only to the actions that truly matter. 
  4. Web visits matter, too. If a lead is visiting pages that indicate they are considering your company, mark those.
  5. Consider putting these moments into an alert email for the sales team.

How can this get more interesting and insightful?

Interesting Moment Tokens are Your Friends! Use the Interesting Moment Tokens to pull detailed information from the original Trigger, such as the email interactions, subject line, link clicks and visits webpage etc. There are multiple tokens available for use in the Tokens for Interesting Moments glossary. 

Types of trigger tokens available for interesting moments:

  • Email Triggers
  • Salesforce Triggers
  • Sales Connect Triggers
  • Miscellaneous

Here are a few which you can use to start your implementation of interesting moments:

  • {{trigger.Trigger Name}} always returns the actual trigger itself such as clicks link in email.
  • {{trigger.Name}} returns the name of the asset that triggered the campaign. 
  • {{trigger.Link}} returns the page URL
  • {{trigger.Referrer}}
  • {{trigger.Search Query}}

Below are a few examples of using interesting moments:

  • Fills Out Form:

          Type: Web

          Description: Filled Out Form: {{trigger.Name}} on {{trigger.Web Page}}

  • Visits Key Webpages 

            TYPE: Web

            DESCRIPTION: Visited Webpage: {{trigger.Web Page}}




The interesting moments can also be used for setting basic last touch attribution models. However, when setting up these campaigns, make sure to test out your interesting moments to ensure they render the way you intend. 


What do you find most useful with your interesting moments and how can we do more with interesting moments?



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