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What Does It Mean to be Mobile First? And Why Should Marketers Care?

Marketing Land

As Millennials overtake Baby Boomers as the biggest demographic of consumers, marketers need to think more about mobile first. This article highlights how it is important to understand how to use mobile for you marketing efforts and also know how the Millennial generation operates and what kinds of marketing messages they want to receive.

Marketers Put First-Party Data First


Despite struggles, marketers remain focused on improving big data, and those putting money toward such efforts are reaping the benefits. In 2015 research by the Direct Marketing Association and Winterberry Group, 43 percent of U.S. marketing professionals said they expected their data-driven marketing spending to be higher in Q2 2015 than Q1. The study also found that first-party data sources would be most important to respondents’ strategy moving forward. Transaction history (87 percent), customer information (80 percent) and behavioral data (74 percent) were the most-cited data types.

Marketing to the Individual is a Challenge – and a New Survey Affirms This

Marketing Dive

VB Insight found that 80 percent of surveyed marketers and vendors don’t know anything about their customers beyond basic demographics and purchase history. Furthermore, in the same study, 96 percent of respondents said building a comprehensive view of individual customers is a challenge. One particular challenge is prospective customers aren’t letting marketers know who they are until right before they decide to make a purchase. Andrew Jones is an analyst at VB Insight and an author of the report and said, “The first element is data collection. This is all about picking up the digital breadcrumbs from each customer interaction.”

What CMOs Need to Know About SEO


A CMO does not have time to micromanage digital marketing. Many know that SEO is critical to the business but do not know much about it. This article highlights the basics to SEO and how to manage SEO for your company.

Rise of the Machines: What Artificial Intelligence Means for Marketing

Marketing Magazine

Although it still has limitations, forward-thinking brands are starting to harness the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience. In fact, BMW employed the technology two years ago in an ad campaign for its first electric car. Its iGenius technology was able to answer customers’ questions about the new model via text, reducing the need for BMW to invest in training dealers or customer-service staff to handle queries. The article highlights how there is an opportunity for brands to use Artificial Intelligence to provide frontline communication and customer service, but "only when it gets a lot better at understanding what people want.”