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How The Big Shift To Digital And Data Marketing Is Getting Agencies Fired


This article discusses how there is a huge shift underway in how brands are using advertising agencies and why it’s vital for these agencies to adapt to the new marketing landscape to stay competitive.

Target Launches Beacon Test In 50 Stores, Will Expand Nationwide Later This Year


Target is set to roll out beacon technology in 50 stores. The technology will allow the retailer to send information about deals as well as recommendations directly to consumers’ smartphones.

In the Moment Marketing With Mobile Advertising: The Next Big Leap


Companies must take a single view of the customer to succeed says this contributor. She mentions recent research from VentureBeat on “brands and mobile advertising: how to win” and stresses the fact that marketers need to individualize and personalize their interactions with customers if they are going to implement a successful mobile strategy.

Marketers Put Internet of Things Data to Use—and It Works


This story highlights a study by 2nd Watch, which notes how marketers will use IoT primarily for understanding their consumers and their habits in order to better engage with them.