Growing your career with Marketo

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I was recently reminded about a great session from Summit called:

Mo Marketo, Mo Money

How to grow your career with Marketo

by ​ and

If you want to know be reminded about why you put in all those hours learning Marketo, then you need to watch this presentation.

You can find the video recording here: Mo-Marketo Mo-Money Video

You can find their slides here:

Inga and Jason are leaders of the New York and Silicon Valley Marketo User Groups for a hip-hop themed look at how you can use Marketo to grow your expertise, influence and ultimately your career. We’ll put the East Coast-West Coast rap feud to bed and share three tangible ways you can immediately step up your game. You'll learn:

  • How to quickly deepen your Marketo experience - “(I) Get Around” (2Pac)
  • How to easily get plugged into the Marketo Community - “Get Involved” (Q-Tip)
  • How to simply understand your worth in the market and maximize it “Get Money” (Biggie)