Dynamic Chat: Things to Know

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Level 8 - Community Advisor

Nowadays, more and more businesses are adopting conversational marketing solutions as a part of their cross-channel marketing strategy. It has become the go-to strategy for driving customer engagement, enhancing customer experience, and driving more revenue. Chatbots, SMS apps, and Live chat are used to enable all such personalized conversations. Chatbots have especially made conversational marketing more accessible. 


With the growing importance of chatbots in B2B Marketing, Adobe Marketo Engage has introduced Dynamic Chat, a new chatbot solution that enables businesses to create contextual and personalized conversations for every visitor.


Dynamic chat is the chatbot for B2B marketing. It is basically a solution for every user to create personalized conversations contextually. Basically, representative chat so the user can easily get the information of the website through a demo shared on every site. 


Now, when it comes to marketing and sales, Marketo brings an opportunity to enhance the Chatbot as a new marketing tool.


Things to know:

Here are a few key things that creates user’s interest in Dynamic Chat:

  • Lead and Account Targeting: It allows you to deploy personalized chat dialogues based on your account and lead attributes.
  • Lead Routing: It allows you to route the leads across your teams.
  • Easy Setup (No Coding Required): It is easy to start with. You can use the pre-built templates and drag and drop feature to set the things up and running.
  • Smart Campaigns: You can perform various lead actions using the triggers and filters provided by the Dynamic Chat. 
  • Book meetings: It allows visitors to book meetings from the chat window itself. 
  • Collect Lead Information: You can customize the dialogues to gather the lead information such as email address, first name, last name, country etc. 
  • Engage and Convert Visitors: The customized dialogues help engage the visitors by guiding them with the product/services web pages. 
  • Chat Analytics: It allows you to track the interactions and other details. 

Benefits of Dynamic Chat:

  1. Improved lead generation: Dynamic chat enables you to offer an optimized customer experience and interactive way for web visitors to engage with your organization, which results in quality lead generation.
  2. Move qualified prospects through your sales funnel quickly: It enables you to send alerts to salespeople about the prospects and their interests.
  3. Better Customer Experience: Interacting with your visitors helps you to find out more about your visitor’s needs and pain points to gather the required information. This information will help you customize your communication.

Best Practices:

  1. Identify your key web pages to start with Dynamic chat
  2. Map your lead's journey and build things around it.
  3. Think of your visitors and define your questions/dialogues
  4. Keep the process easy and quick
  5. Test things and tweak things whenever needed
  6. Make sure to root visitors to a real human based on his/her interest

Use cases:

  1. It is a great way to build relationships.
  2. It is a great way to gain new and valuable information about your visitors/prospects.
  3. It is a great way to deliver personalized information to the visitors
  4. It helps to shorten the sales funnel.
  5. It helps to gain and convert quality leads.

Integration with Marketo:

Dynamic Chat is natively integrated into Marketo. In order to leverage the complete benefit of this integration, you’ll first need to initiate the data sync. The following information is synced:

  • Person field data
  • Company field data
  • Activity data


Adobe Marketo Engage has enhanced the opportunities for businesses to provide anytime assistance to visitors which is quick and efficient. This will help in building strong customer and business relationships based on personalized humanlike conversations. 


Ready to add dynamic chat to your plans? 


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Marketo has rolled out a few more interesting features to Dynamic Chat:


1. Meeting Links for Dynamic Chat:  You can now include a Teams or Meet link for Google and Outlook in every calendar invite that’s sent to visitors.



2. Support boolean field types: Now you can sync and capture boolean data type fields into Dynamic Chat from Marketo.



3. Skip asking for information that you already know: Now, you also have the option to skip or overwrite the information provided by a visitor. 



For more detailed information, please check out @Sreekanth_Reddy's post here: New Features of Dynamic Chat [launched in November 2022]

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Marketo has recently launched New Features of Dynamic Chat and these are:


  1. Chat Transcript: A new attribute "Chat Transcript" is added "Engaged with Dialogue" activity type which captures the URL of the conversation transcript.Vinay_Kumar_3-1670844069416.png
  2. Support Integer and float field types: Now you can sync and capture Integer and float data type fields into Dynamic Chat from Marketo.
  3. Updates to target URL logic: Marketo has made updates to the target URL in the audience criteria tab of a dialogue:

To read the detailed version, please check @Sreekanth_Reddy's post: New Features of Dynamic Chat [launched in December 2022]


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Here are a few more features added to DC:

  • Define Picklist in Info Capture Card for Dynamic Chat: To help ensure data cleanliness, you can define picklists for information capture cards so visitors can select only from a predefined list of options.
  • Personalization in Meeting Confirmation for Dynamic Chat: Agents can personalize meeting booking email confirmations using Marketo Engage person and company fields to better engage with visitors.
  • Chatbot Date/Time Picker for Dynamic Chat: Web visitors can use the calendar picker to choose a date and time rather than entering the date manually.
  • Scheduled Meeting Email Notifications for Dynamic Chat: When a meeting is booked on an agent’s calendar, the agent will receive an email notification about the booking, including detailed information about the visitor’s Dynamic Chat engagement.


Level 8 - Community Advisor

Here are a few more features added to DC:

  • Dialogue Engagement Report for Dynamic Chat: Provides a view of Dialogue engagement over time, including the ability to filter by visitor type and engagement type to provide better visibility for users.
  • Roles and Permissions for Dynamic Chat: Introduces roles and permissions to Dynamic Chat, allowing admins to limit visibility and usage of different areas of the app to selected user types.
  • Chat as a Program Channel for Dynamic Chat: Creates a new “Chat” Program Channel to track program progression for people acquired by Dynamic Chat.
  • Inferred Attributes for Dynamic Chat: Ensures that inferred IP data (city, state, country, etc.) is written to the person record for new people acquired by Dynamic Chat.
  • Additional Language Support for Dynamic Chat: You can now choose from nine supported languages to display static Dynamic Chat content in.
  • Jump to Node in Stream Designer Preview for Dynamic Chat: Jump directly to a node in the Stream Designer from the preview panel.