Don’t use the “@” sign in the From: display name

Level 10 - Community Moderator
Level 10 - Community Moderator

Address-like formats like sandy [at] figureone [dot] com usually make me cringe because they’re feeble attempts at security.


(The concept is that address-harvesting bots won’t know these are email addresses. Quite ridiculous, as you’ve just substituted one recognizable format for another!)


But there is one place where spelling out “at” instead of the “@” sign makes sense: the display name part of a From: header.


You won’t know this if you don’t test your emails thoroughly, but a From: header like this is deemed suspicious by iOS Mail:

From: "Sandy @ FigureOne" <>


The app sees the display name “Sandy @ FigureOne” as a possible phishing attempt because it looks like an email address but doesn’t match the real address (“”).


So it’ll display the real address instead, spoiling your attempt at being friendly:



Instead, avoid the literal “@” sign:

From: "Sandy at FigureOne" <>


Now, it’s no longer suspicious and the display name is honored:



Proceed accordingly! 😊