Creating Nurturing Web Personalized Campaigns

Level 4
Level 4

This post will address how you can display progressive web campaigns (with Web Personalization (RTP)), by changing the campaign based on the web visitor's previous visit and what they viewed. It's like nurturing for a web visitor, if the visitor saw Campaign A, then next time (separate session/visit) they come to the website show them Campaign B, and then the next visit after that show them Campaign C (based on seeing Web Campaign B and Campaign A).

One way to do this in Web Personalization (RTP), is segmenting based on the number of visit. For a 1st visit, show campaign A and then another segment for a 2nd visit, showing Campaign B, etc...

However, this does not completely satisfy the case above, as the user may not have seen a campaign to "move" onto seeing the next campaign or the visitor may not be coming in for their 1st or 2nd visit, they may be a 10th time visitor.

So, how to create a web nurturing campaign based on previous visit history and what campaigns the web visitor saw in previous visitors?

The answer: Using the User Context API in Segmentation.

Additional Info

See more on the User context API Here​. "The User Context API exposes user and visitor level data across multiple sessions to enable advanced personalization capability leveraging historical user behavior and data."

NOTE: You need to request from Support to enable the User Context API for your Web Personalization (RTP) Account.

Make sure you read how to locate the Web Campaign ID.

Assuming we want to show the web visitor, the following campaigns in this order for each of their visits:

  1. Campaign A (id = 111)
  2. Campaign B (id = 222)
  3. Campaign C (id = 333)

In Web Personalization > Segmentation, create the following Segments:

Drag and Drop the User Context API, Select "Campaigns - Viewed" and insert the Campaign ID



Segment: WHERE User Context API "Campaigns - Viewed" IS NOT "111"



Segment: WHERE User Context API "Campaigns - Viewed" IS "111" AND IS NOT "222"



Segment: WHERE User Context API "Campaigns - Viewed" IS "222" AND IS NOT "333"


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Thanks David Myers​ for this helpful explanation.

Quick follow-up question: Does the Include Pages criteria require that the visitor (either known or anonymous) must be on the page(s) listed to be included in the segment or does it also look at previous behavior? For example, we want to show a widget campaign to anyone who has ever viewed a specific page. Is this possible?

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Include Page will look if the current visitor is on that page and then match the segment, (if the segment criteria are met), it's one time match in real time based on the current visitors behavior.

In order to personalize based on previous visitor behavior, like which pages/products/solutions they viewed on your website, you should use the User Context API and look into the use of Custom Variables -

What you will do is send data through to the User Context customVar Eg. viewed-product-pages, when the visitor is on a specific page Then create segments based on that customVar value, which will match that visitor in future visits knowing what they did in historical previous visits.