CMO Nation -- Adventures in the Engagement Economy: Who’s Getting It Right?

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Marketo VP of Product Marketing, Matt Zilli, recently authored this post for CMO Nation. See below for a preview, and then click the link to at the end check out the full piece.

Within a very short period of time, the business world has been flipped on its head. It used to be marketers who defined the customer journey. Now, thanks to the digital technology that informs every part of our lives, it’s buyers who set the experience and determine how they want to be engaged. And this has changed everything.

Experience and engagement are the yin and the yang of the Engagement Economy. Joined at the hip, engagement adds to and strengthens the customer experience, while an increasingly positive customer experience provides more and better opportunities for engagement. Some companies are hyper-focused on engaging the customer, but haven’t nailed the customer experience part. Others are all about the experience, but are scattershot when it comes to engaging. The rare few that get both sides of the equation exactly right tend to be the disruptors and dominant players in their markets.

As marketers, it is vital to be mindful of this powerful dialectic while recognizing the immense control that customers now possess. People want – in fact, they expect – personalized and authentic relationships with the companies they do business with. The same technologies that make it easier to reach customers also make it ridiculously easy for them to walk away from a brand or a service that does not align to their wants or values.

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