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Beyond {{lead.first name}}: 3 Ways To Try Personalization So Far

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With Marketo’s segmentation and dynamic content feature, sending highly relevant and highly targeted emails to your customers and prospects has never been easier.

At Influitive, we use both these features regularly to send highly personalized, relevant content to our database. Here are three ways we’ve used personalization and the tips for getting started at your organization!

Example 1: Sending event promo codes based on attendee type

If you’re like us, you might host a conference or annual user conference and will likely need to display messages like promo codes, session information, registration details and so on.  For Influitive’s annual Advocamp event, we were offering a unique promo codes for customers and a different one for prospects.

To do this, we created a segmentation for customers and everyone else in the lead database.  Then we added dynamic content to one section of our email and updated the message for each group.

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Tip: Make sure you sketch out your segmentation criteria in advance and always double check before approving it - especially if you’re using advanced smart filters. Once you approve the segmentation and start referencing it in your dynamic content, you can’t edit the segmentation rules again with deleting the dynamic content.

Example 2: Content messaging by job title

You should (hopefully!) have your buyer’s personas mapped out and should be using Marketo to send them highly relevant content based on where they are in your funnel.  For us, we have a segmentation based on our personas - which happens to be related to job title.  When we have a new piece of content, we will send it out to the relevant personas in our database with messaging targeted to that persona.

We recently sent out a new Forrester Report to our database. We used a different subject line and body text based on the job title the recipient had.

For Customer Success titles:

For CEO titles:

Tip: Take time to create different messaging for your personas. There’s no shortage of things you can personalize: subject lines, CTAs, gated vs. ungated assets etc. We’ve found that when our emails leverage highly relevant messaging that the engagement rate is higher, we get more clicks to our landing pages, more conversions and less unsubscribes.

Example 3: Using tokens to pull in company details

We wanted to send an email to a small group of prospects that with personalized information that we had gathered about their business from a popular online review website. We mapped the data from Salesforce to Marketo and pulled that information into the email with tokens. It looked like this:

Tip: Make sure you’re always previewing your tokens as they would appear to your recipient.  We previewed our tokens several times to make sure the information was readable and that the default values made sense if they appeared. Also be sure to make sure your data is up to date and makes sense in the context of your tokens. Lastly, double check that your data is new and fresh - data can get old fast and can be overwritten by sales or customer support despite your best efforts.

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