Best practices to get started with Dynamic Chat

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

In the recent Coffee break discussion, there was a question of what are best practices to leverage Dynamic Chat. That gave me the thought that we have been talking a lot about the features of Dynamic Chat but not a lot of content on what you can achieve and what are some best practices. In this blog I plan to share some best practices and ideas along with what I shared in the coffee break discussion.


First, let me quickly highlight the possibilities you can achieve with Dynamic Chat and then cover some best practices.


Top Use Cases for Chat Conversations

  • Lead Generation: Engage potential customers.
  • Lead Qualification: Identify high-quality leads.
  • Lead Nurturing: Maintain engagement with leads.
  • Sales Acceleration: Fast-track connections with sales teams.


With the way we implement Dynamic Chat, you can do much more than just Chatbot conversations. You can leverage Dynamic Chat as an extension of all your channel campaigns:

The best part is every engagement is tracked as first-party native activity in Marketo Engage.


Best Practices:

Rather than thinking of Dynamic Chat just as a chatbot that is something you want to get on the website quick and easy way. I would think of it how it can drive more success to what we as a marketing team trying achieve. Here are some points that you can consider:


1. How chat as a channel can help:

  • Start with your yearly marketing goals (e.g., lead generation, qualification, nurturing, ABM acceleration).
  • Think of the conversations as an extension of your existing campaigns.
  • Design chat interactions that complement and enhance your marketing efforts.

2. Targeted Engagement:

  • Focus on specific audience segments for personalized interactions.
  • Personalize chat flows based on known user data.
  • Optimize greeting messages for better engagement.
  • Leverage Generative AI (GenAI) to address visitor queries and gather insights on what your visitors are interested to know.

3. Some hacks to leverage Dynamic Chat:

  • Segment Targeting: Focus on specific user segments rather than broad targeting for more personalized interactions.
    • Conditional branching can come quite handy in designing different paths based on the lead profile
  • Re-usable flows: Leverage conversational flow card to re-purpose common flows across dialogues. Here is a tutorial 
    Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 10.52.39 AM.png
  • Greeting Optimization: Think of chat greeting message similar to your email subject line. Optimizing greeting optimizes engagement. Craft engaging and compelling greeting messages to attract user attention.
  • Leverage Generative AI: Use AI not only to answer questions but also to understand visitor preferences and needs. tutorial
  • Iterative Testing: Continuously test and refine chat interactions based on performance metrics and user feedback.

Here are some links for more guidance:
- Product documentation

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