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Marketo's REST API and the 603 Error

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

08-10-2015 Disclaimer! I've been told by the amazing and responsive product team that this was indeed deemed a flaw and was corrected recently. I will test this and update the blog accordingly.

You know that all of the REST API Errors are listed on the documentation site, right? One of the questions I get a lot is around the REST API's 603 Error, and its often in the context of NEW APIs that are released.

When a new REST API is released, you can't simply change the role and add the new API.. you need to..

  1. Create a new role which includes all of the access you'll need including the new APIs
  2. (Optional) Create a new API Only User - Only if the old API user is in use
  3. Create a new Launchpoint Service
  4. Use the new Client ID and Client Secret

Basically, you're repeating the original steps when you first setup your Launchpoint Service. Note all of your existing REST clients will continue to work fine with existing launchpoint services,  This is only when you want to leverage NEW APIs.

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Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

skitch.pngStep 4

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John Mattos​, thanks for sharing this. I'm really enjoying the posts in this blog.

I'm a novice when it comes to getting my hands dirty with APIs (although I'm learning), so consider this a rookie question:

Why is it that you can't just update the existing role and add in the new API permissions? I'm imagining you'd end up with a lot of roles if you have to keep adding new ones every time the API is updated. Or would you deprecate the old ones and transition client applications to the new service each time?

Marketo Employee

Justin Norris

VERY timely question! I'm told by our product managers that this was in fact not as intended, and the issue is now fixed. The next time a new API is released, I'll give it a try and update the blog.. for now I'll add a disclaimer

It depends really. If the consumers of the service don't need the new endpoints, you wouldn't need to change them.. its only in the case where you need that new REST endpoint where a change would be needed so yes, you 'd likely end up with a list of users, roles, and launchpoint services, which I think is messy and likely what prompted the change.

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John Mattos

That's awesome news. Thank you!