Adding Prompts Into RCA Dashboards

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RCA allows you to create a dashboard using saved reports. When you load the dashboard, each individual report in the dashboard runs on its own and displays the result. However, you can also add interactivity to these reports. You do this using functionality called prompts. Here’s how you set them up.

Step 1:  Create a New Report with Filter Parameters

In order to create dashboards with prompts, we first need to create reports that can respond to dashboard prompt values. That is achieved by creating reports with filters and assigning a parameter names to those filters. These named filters are then linked to dashboard prompts to achieve dynamic filtering of report data using prompt values.

Here is an example of a Program Membership report with a filter on Region:


Step 2: Create a Dashboard with Prompts

Below are general instructions for adding prompts to your dashboard:

  • Create a new Dashboard or in the dashboard page, choose Edit (the pencil icon), which will make the Objects pane appear at the bottom.
  • Under General Settings, choose Prompts. The Prompts pane appears on the right. No prompts are listed if this is the first time you are assigning prompts.
  • To display a prompt toolbar to users of the dashboard, enable Show Prompt Toolbar. The prompt toolbar appears at the top of the dashboard.
  • Click the Add button in the bottom to start adding prompts. The Prompts dialog box appears.
  • In the Prompts dialog box, enter a display name for the control label - Region.
  • Enable Display Name as Control Label if you want users to see the display name in the prompts toolbar.
  • In the Control box, click the format for the prompt options. For example, you can choose the Drop Down control if you want a list that appears when users click the first option.
  • Ensure that Static List is selected under Type. Note that although Static List is not the only option, we don’t support Metadata Lists.
  • Add data values to the Static List.
  • In the Data box, click Add. The List Value dialog box appears.
  • In the Label field, enter the option name as you want it to appear to dashboard users.
  • In the Value field, enter the parameter source name (could be same as Label).
  • Add labels and values for each parameter you want to filter. Click Ok to exit the List Value dialog box.
  • You can add the option All. This option drops the filter from the report and shows all values.
  • In the Control Properties box, under Initially Selected: choose which item you want to appear first in the prompt list. Choose Use First Value to set the default to the first value in the list, or you can choose Specify if you want a specific value to appear first.
  • Click OK.

Step 3: Linking Reports to Dashboard Prompt

  • In the Objects pane, choose the title of the report you want to filter. Click the Parameters tab and choose the correct Source for the parameter from the list. The source should be the name of your prompt.
  • Click Apply.
  • Save the Dashboard. Now this report will respond to Dashboard prompt selection. When you select from the prompt options, the reports will automatically update to reflect these filters.