Drag-and-Drop is Back in the Tree…and More!

Community Manager
Community Manager

We know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the return of drag-and-drop to the Marketo Engage tree in the next-generation user experience. We are happy to announce that, as of Friday, March 19, it is back for moving assets within the tree!


We appreciate your feedback and patience as we prioritized ways of moving assets in the tree that are accessible for all customers (move modals), but we worked diligently to get this popular feature back as soon as possible.


You may be wondering “what about the iconography?” Well, a new set of icons and status badges are being released in the next few weeks based on user feedback and extensive testing to improve readability and design.


Beginning March 19, we will also begin rolling out improved tree performance, such as faster load times, to all customers.

Please continue to provide feedback via the Give Feedback button in the next-generation experience. For bugs or assistance with the product, please file a ticket with Support.

Level 7

Thanks @Alexandra_Quick, the drag and drop is a huge improvement! I'm looking forward to the new icons and status badges to be rolled out soon...hopefully with some color thrown back in. A couple more rounds of improvements and we should be pretty close to how it was before. 😉

Level 2

So, again a new set of icons. 3 icon set changes in a short time. 

Where could I find the overview (glossary) of the new icons explained?

It seems these are outdated now:


Marketo Employee

@Francis_Vanderb The latest icon changes were made after extensive usability research because the previous iteration missed the mark (too small, too gray, not differentiated enough). The icon glossary update on the documentation site was lagging behind but it is resolved now. Please refresh your page: 

Level 3

Yay, finally! Drag & drop is a huge improvement, saves me a lot of time, and the new icons are too! 👍

Level 1

Thank you - this is critical functionality!