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NEW WebAPI (REST) integration now available for Microsoft Dynamics   NOTE: This is currently ONLY available for Dynamics online & on-prem versions 9.x using ADFS 2016 and above. Pre-ADFS 2016 (on-prem v8.x and older with ADFS versions earlier than 2016) authentication is done using client credentials only – clientid/secret is not possible. Since our existing WebAPI integration mandates a clientid and secret, it is only supported for Dynamics 365 Online and Dynamics on-prem instances v9.x in conjunction with ADFS 2016 and above. If you do not use these supported Dynamics/ADFS configurations, the native SOAP integration will continue to work for the foreseeable future; however, we are no longer developing SOAP enhancements.   As part of the continued investment in our Microsoft partnership, the native Marketo Engage / Dynamics SOAP integration is being upgraded to a more robust and stable connection using WebAPI (REST) that will better support future upgrades and releases.    The Marketo Engage and Microsoft Dynamics teams are encouraging all customers to proactively adopt WebAPI in preparation for the forthcoming scenario where SOAP API is no longer supported. The upgrade should only take 5-10 minutes by your Dynamics admin and present no loss of data with your existing sync. This is a critical step to ensure your WebAPI connector activation can be completed.   We encourage all Dynamics customers with the supported version/ADFS configurations to upgrade before May 2020, our target time frame to begin releasing new features via WebAPI.   The attached Customer Setup document only applies to Dynamics Online (365) and on-prem v9.x with ADFS 2016 and above. If you have questions or need help with your specific configuration, please open a support case for assistance.
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