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Requesting an Expert Session Overview Expert Sessions are 30 minute meetings with Marketo Support experts for a deep dive into select topics. Included in Marketo Enterprise and Elite Support levels, these sessions are intended to help you gain deeper understanding of features, gain insight into product usage, and get advice and guidance outside the normal context of support case triage and resolution.   Marketo Engage Enterprise Support includes up to 2 Expert Sessions per year Marketo Engage Elite Support levels up to 4 Expert Sessions per year.     1. Click the Support Tab at the Top of the Screen.       2. Scroll down to find the Mentoring Session Box.     3. Click Schedule a Session.   4. Find and click on the Subject Matter you'd like to discuss with your Marketo Support expert.  '     5. Pick a date and time of your preference. **Don't forget to double check the timezone you're in!**           Common Topics for Mentoring Sessions Mentoring Sessions are intended to deliver practical guidance on the effective use of Marketo including how-to advice, tips and techniques, and other relevant topics. Some common topics include: New Release introduction and review Feature training and adoption including product/feature demonstrations and education on how to use a new feature in context of your specific use case Exploring best practices for campaign setup, showing how Marketo can achieve specific outcomes to help drive your business Sanity-check of Campaign logic and multi-campaign workflow verification Explore and discuss ‘How do I…’ questions and provide best practices advice, and hands-on guidance Troubleshoot HTML* within context of: Marketo Landing Pages; Wysiwyg editor Embedding forms on non-Marketo Landing Pages HTML issues created by the Marketo Landing Page editor Troubleshoot client-side JavaScript, helping with Google Analytics, Munchkin code conflicts, and light development to overcome/compliment Marketo functionality* Work with third parties to resolve configuration issues, includes making use of common use cases like PPC or UTM capturing and interactions       Frequently Asked Questions Why do I have to schedule it one week in advance? Support engineers are very busy, and preparing for a mentoring session can take time. Sometimes there is additional research or material that needs to be created. Sometimes it just takes time to line up the schedules of the experts that are needed.   How come I can’t choose the exact time I want? The day and time is used as a guideline for the request of the support engineers. After filing the request, the expert who is assigned your case will reach out to you in 24-48 hours to arrange the exact time and specifics. This helps us be more versatile and agile in aligning schedules.   Why is my mentoring session not being handled by my Named Support Engineer? We want to put you in contact with the best expert on the subject of your needs. Sometimes this is your Named Support Engineer, and sometimes it is another expert on our team. But don’t worry: if your Named Support Engineer is not assigned the case, they will still be included in the meeting to maintain continuity for you and your team.   How are my mentoring sessions counted? This number counts down every time a mentoring session or extended service is requested by any Authorized Support Contact on your team.
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