Can you give me the spam trap address that triggered the blacklist so I can remove it from my database?

No, unfortunately we are unable to tell you what the spam trap address is. We don’t even know it ourselves! Spam trap addresses are proprietary to the blacklists that own them. Anti-spam professionals use spam trap addresses to track unsolicited emails. If a spam trap is known by the offending sender, the sender could simply remove the spam trap address from their lists and never actually address the data problem that caused that spam trap address to be included in their lists to begin with.

Instead of asking what the spam trap address is, try to identify the source of the trap address and eliminate bad data sources from your mailing lists. You should be able to identify the email campaign that caused the blacklist issue, so you should start with those lists. To narrow it down and identify the problematic data source, you should consider the following:

    1. Have you recently added any new leads or new lead sources? What is the source of these leads? Any purchased or appended email addresses should be removed, because these data sources are often the source of newly introduced spamtraps. In addition, using purchased or appended email addresses for mailing is a violation of Marketo’s Email Use and Anti-Spam Policy.
    2. Have you added any older leads that have not been mailed to recently? Some email providers will turn an email address into a spam trap after a year of inactivity. If you have a list of addresses that has not been mailed to in a year or more, this list should be removed.
    3. Does your system use any custom fields to indicate customer status, event attendance, recent contact with your sales team, or other forms of engagement? If so, take advantage of this and isolate the inactive or non-responsive segments of your database using all of the activity data you have available.
    4. Is there anything about this specific mailing that makes it different compared to your previous email campaigns?
    5. Did you send any other mail on the same day? If so, you should compare the recipient lists.
    6. Think you have narrowed in on the problem? Check out our guide to blacklist remediation to find out what to do with that bad list and complete the remediation program.


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