Issue Description
What BCC options are there for email sends?


Issue Resolution
Marketo support can enable BCC on request.  If an email address is to be BCC'd on a batch email send, they'll get 1 BCC for every 1 email Marketo sends. (10k email sends = 10k BCC emails). This can be useful for archiving and compliance purposes, but should not be used for simple campaign confirmation. If you just want to make sure the email went out as scheduled, the easiest way is to create yourself as record in the database, and include yourself in the batch send.


NOTE: Dedicated email address setup for the BCC email traffic must be able to handle high volumes of email. Discuss with your IT Team or email service provider to verify their Email Server can handle the estimated volume of incoming email.


If the Email Server is not well equipped this feature can cause your Email Server to backlog, become unavailable temporarily, or reject the BCC emails.


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