Marketing Automation Specialist for our Marketo system - Vancouver, BC

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Marketing Automation Specialist for our Marketo system - Vancouver, BC

Fresh Tracks Canada (FTC) is a fast-growing company in the internet travel space and we specialize in creating personal and customized Canadian travel experiences. We are Canadian Insiders who like to think of ourselves as pioneers in the industry and our culture reflects that. We have seven values (Growth, Legendary Hospitality, Pioneering, Working Together, Relentlessly Positive, Pursuit of Excellence, and We love Canada!) that we live by and that guide our thinking and decision making to ensure we are providing the best travel experience to our guests.

Role Mandate: The Marketing Automation Specialist will own the Marketo platform, be responsible for day-to-day management, integration management and data stewardship as well as regular enhancements to support the marketing and sales requirements of Fresh Tracks Canada.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Create customer segmentation strategies that align marketing insights with business requirements
  • Produce smart lists and data segmentations within the Marketo system which can be used to drive outbound engagement through the platform as well as Salesforce, Google Analytics and Adwords, and Facebook.
  • Act as the marketing automation data owner and support the business in data creation and transformation enhancements that align to business goals


  • Build and implement multi-channel, integrated smart campaigns within the Marketo system
  • Automate and establish processes for the customer journey from start to finish using Marketo to optimize the customer experience
  • Develop, implement, track, and maintain Nurture program plans for all email communications
  • Identify opportunities for triggered communication flows and take them to market
  • Work with marketing and outside agencies to design, develop, implement and maintain email templates
  • Ensure that all outbound communications and data collection initiatives comply with relevant legislation (e.g. CASL, GDPR)


  • Document and communicate results and best practices to all key stakeholders.
  • Conduct A/B Testing and provide insights and findings to key stakeholders.
  • Work with sales and marketing leads to manage and optimize lead scoring methodology and the evaluation of sales readiness of our lead base
  • Maintain and optimize the lead distribution methodologies currently in play in the Marketo system
  • Work with Salesforce Admins to rectify and integration or data flow issues between the two systems.
  • Work closely with the web team to ensure lead forms are passing data properly through the tech stack.


  • Understand and become an expert in our industry, our business, our culture, and our customer, and use that knowledge to create efficient and impactful results that align with Marketing objectives.
  • Support and contribute on the marketing automation strategies to deliver our brand story in a compelling manner

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Communications
  • 3-5 years experience on the Marketo platform in an integrated environment (Certification is an asset)
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience with
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Social Advert platforms is an asset
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, under deadlines

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