Applied Technology Project Manager (London)

Applied Technology Project Manager (London)

About agent3

agent3 was created with a mission to link sales and marketing more closely to drive competitive advantage. Our team are experts in combining the three ‘agents of change’ at our disposal - technology, data and content - to create Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns with impact. Our customers include: Tata Communications, BT, Sony, SAP, Juniper, VCE, Atos, Veritas and Cisco.

At the heart of our proposition is the insight3 platform, an application that combines large volumes of public data to deliver the customer insight that marketing and sales teams need in order to thrive. The insight 3 platform arms our clients with a deeper understanding of their customers and their sector, so they can speak to them about the things they want to hear.

Our Consultancy & Services team helps customers plan and execute ABM programmes. Typically we provide support around the following areas:

● Account Profiling (e.g. Account identification and prioritisation; Stakeholder mapping; Propensity-to- buy modelling; etc.)

● ABM Strategy (e.g. Sales & Marketing alignment workshops; Account Value Proposition messaging; etc.)

● ABM Engagement Planning (e.g. Campaign structure; Content strategy; Engagement channels consultancy; etc.)

● Campaign Execution (e.g. Personalised digital assets; Sales enablement content; Social and IP-based advertising; Marketing automation; etc.)

● Impact Measurement (e.g. ROI measurement; Marketing attribution; etc.)

We partner with a host of companies that help us add value to our customers - from platform and service providers that help us make our customer's lives easier, through to data companies that give us the insight to fuel great campaigns. Of particular relevance to this role, we are certified members of Marketo’s Premier Partner Programme.

Role summary: Applied Technology Project Manager

We’re looking for somebody with strong B2B experience of implementing applied technology projects, spanning web builds, platform development, marketing automation and more. Reporting into the Applied Technology Project Lead, this individual will join a growing team of 1 marketing technologists involved in day-to-day delivery of client briefs for the likes of BT, Sony, SAP, Clearswift and Tata Communications.

We want a flexible, dynamic person who is able to contribute to positive client relationships, understanding business challenges and the ways that technical marketing solutions could meet and exceed these. They will be used to working in a demanding environment where it is not unusual to need to balance the requirements and deadlines of multiple stakeholders effectively.

As agent3 is a Marketo certified partner, accreditation to a ‘Marketo Expert’ or ‘Marketo Consultant’ level is desirable. Otherwise, hands-on experience of running marketing automation campaigns using Eloqua, Silverpop or Pardot is required from any successful candidate.

Skills required

● Project management and delivery: takes responsibility for running projects (or aspects of projects, as outlined by team lead), outlining clear targets, requirements and timescales, and over-communicating internally and externally to ensure expectations are managed throughout

● Specialist skill delivery: ability to communicate specialist insights around applied technology - and in particular marketing automation - and knowledge in a manner that reinforces the value-add services that clients receive from agent3; identifies areas for further developing these specialisms, based on self-driven research and exposure

● Maintains and builds client relationships: is able to adapt style to suit the approach required by a given client dynamic, building healthy long-term professional relationships in doing-so; proactively suggests relevant approaches and ideas, based on an understanding of a customer’s industry, challenges and objectives

● Commercial processes and understanding: sets appropriate budgets for projects, ensures activity is delivered in a profitable fashion, and adheres to financial practices and processes; understands split between fee and cost of sales on any given project and is able to oversee delivery in-line with this; has developed an understanding of market value around agent3 services

● Commitment and quality control: exceeds internal and client requests around a given task, adding appropriate insight and input wherever able; ensures all work meets expectations around timeliness, clarity and mode of delivery; collaborates with team members in an efficient and effective manner

● Managing up and down: is able to prioritise and delegate project responsibilities across team members, mindful of conflicting time pressures; calls in senior support where 2 appropriate, providing visibility across the team while maintaining accountability; has started developing ability to line-manage junior team members, demonstrating strategies for overseeing their day-to-day wellbeing and longer term growth

To apply, please email a cover letter and CV to