Visibility into list of Inferred Country and State

Visibility into list of Inferred Country and State

After speaking with Customer Support, it seems as though the list of Inferred Country Values and Inferred State Values is not available to customers. I was told it is because the 3rd party used could either (a) change their values without notification, or (b) Marketo could switch 3rd party vendors without notification to customers. While I understand this as an issue, I have to say it makes it extremely difficult to work out data cleansing issues and trigger campaigns focused on state and country.

For now it seems as though the only way to get this information is to export a list of the entire database with values in those fields (using a custom list view of only the two fields so the export doesn't take 3 days), then dedupe in Excel and hope that the information is correct and doesn't change too much before the next check.

If we could have visibility into the actual official lists, and be notified of changes, it would greatly impact data cleansing efforts in a positive way.


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