UTM fields Social Button setup

UTM fields Social Button setup

We want to create social share buttons with UTM tracking.

Ideally UTM parameters would be a standard part of setting up sharing buttons on Landing Pages.

When choosing what the Shared Post should link to it would be great to be able to define UTM tags within Marketo.


Alternatively a new Token for the current web page.

Then we would be able to select "External URL" in the above selection and create the URL with UTM by:


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Like it. Similar to   and for emails.


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The new social button capabilities actually takes a step backwards from what the old, out-of-the-box toolbar allowed you to customize in terms of the URL.  Ideally, there would be the ability to define the specific URL parameters for each of the three social networks vs. defining a common URL for the entire toolbar.  We need this badly.


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