Undo/restore Lead Deletion within a timeframe of deletion

Undo/restore Lead Deletion within a timeframe of deletion

Hi team,

I would like to propose the implementation of a lead restoration feature. The deleted leads can be stored in a recycle bin before permanent deletion and restoration access can be restricted to the admins only.


While deletion exercise is sometimes necessary due to database limits, it is equally imperative from a data cleanup perspective. The deletion of leads results in the loss of their associated activities, significantly impacting historical analytics. Even in scenarios where backups are taken before deletion and leads are re-imported, they are generated with fresh activities impacting the accuracy of historical records.

Furthermore, instances may arise where leads are inadvertently deleted, either by mistake or without the awareness of key stakeholders in the marketing team. Introducing a restoration window for storing deleted leads would serve as a valuable safeguard against such scenarios.



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This would have been a great feature for me a few years ago when a colleague of mine deleted all my regions leads.

By the time I realised and she admitted  the mistake it was too late for Support help us recover the deleted leads.


Lesson learnt we have a double sign off of deletion especially when working global and managing leads across multiple regions.


Whilst annoying at the time as I was new to Marketo I learnt a lot in rebuilding my database.

Maybe. 24 or 48 hour holding tank of deleted leads so they can be recovered/ reviewed.

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I'm sure every Marketo user who has dealt with the database has some unforgettable experience with it. Having a holding tank would be bliss.