Track Email Replies Reply-to's in Marketo

Track Email Replies Reply-to's in Marketo

Primary Goal:
Marketers who send emails on behalf of Sales Reps need a way to track how many replies Sales Reps are getting from the program in order to measure ROI and automate other activities based on email replies.

Secondary Goal:
Marketers would also prefer to parse the text of the replied email to scrub for unsubscribes in order to manually review or automatically unsubscribe certain types of responses.

Optimal Solution:
A self-contained solution in Marketo that operates similar to the SFDC Email-to-Salesforce activity attachment process in order to both log activities, and log email replies.

Potential Work-around:
I'm thinking of a solution in Marketo Sales Insight for SFDC that can use SFDC email alias (which is out-of-the-box functionality) plus a bit of SFDC apex code in order to create an activity on the SFDC record.

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I'm a little surprised this hasn't already been implemented! What if Marketo built this into the current Sales Insight email add-in, but made it function for regular marketing emails as well?

For example, have something hidden in the header or invisible in the body of the email which uniquely identifies the email and campaign which sent it. Then in the email add-in, if it's a marketing email, the "Log With Marketo" button could update a "Replied" column in the email performance report and create an associated activity one can filter by. It would also be great if there were an "Unsubscribed" button for when leads unsubscribe by replying (i.e. "please remove me from your list").

Since replies are frequently the beginning of an opportunity, they seem to me like an even more important metric than opens or clicks.

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