Token for Smart Lists

Token for Smart Lists

We are a multi-product company. Each product has it's own lead score associated with it and leads need to be sync'd into product specific SFDC campaigns.

what this means is, every time we have an event lead or asset associated with multiple products (ex. one person at an event is interested in Product A and B) we use one list upload but must build separate sync and scoring flows. It would be convenient if we could use one token to reference the list across multiple flows. For example, if in the "Member of List" smart list filter we could use a token, such as {{my.list}}, to reference the list. This would allow us to build  dynamic event program templates and streamline the lead upload/sync/scoring process.

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Same for lists.

It already exist for SFDC campaigns, so it would make a lot of sense.


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Allowing tokens in smart lists would also allow us to build logic comparing the values of one field to another, making Marketo way more powerful.  So, in my scoring ranking I would not have to use SFDC to work out which is the highest solution score if I could compare the scores.

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I would love to be able to use tokens in smart lists and/or segmentations as well. The use case for us is about identifying our different customer segments (customer, prospect or churned).

We have a date field which was put in place by our sales ops team and it is updated with the latest contract term expiration date whenever a relevant deal becomes closed won. For us, if the term expiration is in the future, then they are a customer. If it's non-existent (e.g., blank), then they are a prospect. If it is in the past, then their term has expired and they're churned for the time being.

If we were able to leverage a date token in our customer segment smart lists/segmentations, then I could set this value and be confident that the segments always accurately reflect our customer segments. For now, without the date tokens in our smart list criteria, we are periodically manually batching and updating these segments based on the term expiration criteria, and this process feels a lot less like the automation part of marketing automation.

Thanks for your consideration!

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