Sync Error Audit

Sync Error Audit

It would be wonderful if there was a way to audit all the sync errors in the form of a filter with a picklist of all the error messages. For example, field updates failed due to validation rules in SFDC.

I realize  there is the notifications center but if we could query off the data, that would be very benefiicial to improve data consistency between MKTO and SFDC.

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I agree! There should be a smart list filter: “CRM sync failure” and then a “reason” constraint (this could include values along the lines of "Required Field Missing" or "Connection Error") along with constraints for date of activity, number of times, etc. That way you could have a list, evaluate why your people are failing to sync and put fixes in place.

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I am just learning that this DOESN'T exist. We had a persistent sync error that just got I have no way of finding everyone who had this error and re-syncing them!

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This is one thing that pardot does better than marketo. it tells you what the sync error is and ti can be exported for fixing them.

Here is an idea on how to get all sync errors. Run a smart campaign to sync your leads that have never sync to SFDC and export the results. You will need to get an excel document with your error messages.

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