Sync all lead owner / contact owner / account owner std and custom fields

Sync all lead owner / contact owner / account owner std and custom fields

Reopening this idea that has been wrongfully marked as "already have it".

There are 47 standard user fields in SFDC and only 5 lead owner fields and 3 account owner fields in Marketo. I am not saying that all 47 fields would make sense in Marketo, but there are quite a few that we could make use of. Plus most of the owner custom fields would be needed as they often bear information that is critical to lead assignment or to email personalization.

We cannot even get the account owner phone to use as a signature token in an email. I would also use the profile, the role, the company name, the account owner title, the department, the time zone, the language, the division, ...


So, please Marketo, make it possible to get all standard AND custom owner fields


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Thank you! Account owner phone, please!

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Yes, this.

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Yes this is much needed! Why on earth would Owner custom fields not be available?!?!

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Hi Amy,

In fact, this is due to the version of the SFDC API Marketo is using. Version 13th, I think, while the current is 36th. But this API version limits the fields that are accessible from marketo. Not a good reason, I agree And it shows that it has been a long time since the SFDC connecteur was last worked on.

Look, here: Marketo / salesforce integration needs a serious overhaul, don't you "sync"?  and vote for the ideas listed


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