Stop counting API users towards licensed number of users

Stop counting API users towards licensed number of users

The "idea" is to stop counting API users towards the number of licensed users.


Assume you have 25 users as baseline and you add a couple of connections, you cut your users in half pretty quickly. In addition, there are separate limits (quota, rate, concurrency) that are shared across all the API users anyway , so it's kind of double-penalizing the usage.


Would be nice if this would be changed, so people do not have to go for an API gateway approach (although that comes with different benefits of course).

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I wonder what Marketo means by this article:

Marketo’s REST APIs use custom services for authentication and each of these services is owned by an API-only Marketo user. The capabilities of each custom service are determined by the permissions of each role assigned to that user. Marketo allows for an unlimited number of users and custom services per account, so there’s no reason to be stingy with your users and services if you have multiple web services or third-party integrations making REST calls to your Marketo instance. Allocating individual users and custom services to your integrations gives you multiple benefits:

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That blog entry clearly contradicts what I got as an answer from support the other day. Or maybe not "contradicts" but does not mention the important fact that if you create unlimited users you will also have to pay "unlimited money" for it as a consequence. (unless there are better contracts out there where users come free)


xxx 05/19/2021 01:44:21 PM UTC

Hey Thorsten,

If a user exists in your admin section, under the list of users, they count against the total user count.

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