Smart list Option Improvement


Smart list Option Improvement

Currently some of the smart list options have inconsistencies in the queries available for different data types.

For example:

Member of program: "Progam" has options "Is", "Is not", "Any".

Program Status Was Changes: "Program" has options "Is", "is not", "Starts With", "Not Starts With", "Contains", "Not Contains", "Is Any".

Another example

Person Score: "Person Score" has options "Is", "Is not", "Between", "Greater Than", "less than", "At Least", "At most", "is Empty" "is "not Empty"
Score was Changed: "Change" has options "Is", "Is Not"

All fields should have a set field type String, Date, Integer,... All fields of the same type should have the same options available. By this my suggestion is to add the missing options (rather than remove available options)