Show Sync Backlog in Admin Panel

Show Sync Backlog in Admin Panel

Recently we experienced an issue where our Marketo programs were not syncing with Salesforce campaigns. Statuses were out of sync and leads/contacts were not being added to their respective Salesforce campaign.

Marketo acknowledged there was an issue and a major backlog of campaign updates was sitting idle. Their engineering did sort it out and patched the issue 1.5 weeks after discovery. Had it not been for my colleague who noticed the odd difference between Marketo and Salesforce, we could have been sending the wrong emails based on program status and adding individuals to the wrong programs.

We weren't notified and stumbled upon it manually.

1) The first suggestion here is to add a sync backlog viewable in the Admin panel. We should be able to keep an eye on the sync backlog, and if it becomes an alarming number be able to investigate from there.

2) The second suggestion is Admins should be able to set a notification threshold number. For example if there is a backlog of 30,000 campaign updates, I would know something is wrong as that is a fair chunk of our leads. Everyone's instance is different, our backlog threshold may be different from another company which allows us to control what "warning notification" threshold we want set.

I did see this was partially suggested three years ago, but the second suggestion is new.

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Duplicates this one:

It's important to avoid duplicating ideas in order to concentrate votes


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Thanks Grégoire, didn't spot that one - appreciate linking it in here.

Seems like this idea has been put off for quite some time.

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In addition to SFDC sync backlog, I'd like to have a report/view showing the SFDC sync stats by day, week, month, etc. 

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