Set default metadata in coded templates

Set default metadata in coded templates

99% of Confirmation pages or Thank You pages do not and should not be indexed by search engines. I've tried many ways to set a default page title, meta description and meta robots value for these pages but they get overridden upon approving the landing page. My primary concern is the ability to set a default value for the meta robots values. IE. <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">.

The background behind this concern is if users can find my page via a public search engine, they could skew and break my conversion tracking.

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I completely agree!! Having users who can find TY pages via search engine messes up the conversions. It's easy to forget to make the change when cloning programs, but having a default will help.

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There's not a simple way for us to automatically know how you will use a template, but there's no reason you can't add the <meta> line inside your own templates. Have you tried that? Alternatively, you can just edit the values on an individual landing page using the method described here: 

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Hi Justin -

This is a suggestion for adding the feature of being able to set a index value in the template itself. I understand that each template could be used for different scenarios, but we'd like to be able to change a default value for all pages created by the template. We have coded in the value manually, however it gets overridden by Marketo's default settings. And yes we can manually change the value everytime, however when you are using Marketo on a large scale, creating 100s of confirmation pages, it would be nice to not have to worry about going in and manually updating this every time.



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That's a bug that it doesn't interpret the LP Template <meta> tag. I will file a ticket.

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