Separate Functional and Marketing Elements of Munchkin Cookie


Separate Functional and Marketing Elements of Munchkin Cookie

We use the method documented to implement External Page Prefill however this method is dependent on the munchkin cookie which means that if we wish to implement prefill a user also has to accept that they will be tracked.


Would it be possible to somehow separate the functional use of this cookie (i.e. for pre-fill) from the marketing (i.e. tracking) behaviours. Perhaps via a use of a separate cookie or by some for of cookieless solution?

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What you're suggesting really is not possible.  Without the customer identifying themselves and attaching their identity to the cookie value there would be no way to look up data from that person's record.  That said, you do not need to use the munchkin cookie to leverage that method, you can use any key which uniquely identifies that person to look up their record in marketo, like the standard lead id or a customize CRM Id


I would also suggest from a practice standpoint, in general, customers who do not want you to track them also don't want you to pre-load their data into forms.