Send Email - Smart List Limit/Approval

Send Email - Smart List Limit/Approval

Include the ability to set a lead cap/limit for a send email smart campaign or batch email based on user or role.

Example: If a marketing user makes a mistake in their smart list and proceeds to schedule an email that is far larger than their desired target audience, prevent that email from sending.

In addition to this, the ability for an admin to either approve or deny this email since it is over the users set threshold.

The refresh wheel on the audience tile does take forever in some cases, it also does not auto refresh, having this extra protection would save those impatient users from sending to the wrong leads. I know this is mainly a training issue but with decentralized  structures, having this system level security would be very helpful.

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Great idea.  This idea is different from the one out there already, and would be a huge benefit to our org.

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The only change I would make to this idea is that the right to approve the email over the limit should itself be a right that could be granted to superusers, not only admins.


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