Send Analytics Reports ONLY Once to Subscribers

Send Analytics Reports ONLY Once to Subscribers

Hi Marketo,

I send out a newsletter (Email Send) once a quarter. I would like to be able to schedule the analytics report send associated to this newsletter only once to the team responsible for the content. Currently, you can subscribe people to the analytics reports and set a cadence that they will receive the report. It would be awesome if we could set a single send date/time for these reports to send. Then I could subscribe users and set the send date 1 time to all, roughly a week after the email is sent. This would make sending these reports out much easier because the current cadence options are too frequent for me to use.

Let me know your thoughts or if there is a good workaround for this idea.

Keith Nyberg

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Hi Keith, I created an Idea for this too. Would love to have this in Marketo. Even adding a message to the report recipients would be great too. 

If you want to send a report only once, you can set up the subscription and select the email icon with the small green arrow and then delete the subscription. This will send the report right at that moment.


Would be great to be able to do this less manually and to be able to select a date/time in the future to send.

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Thanks for the tip! That is definitely a good work around for a 1 time send. But then you still have to manually do this after the send. I want to be able to schedule so I can set up the report send prior to the email even going out. Then I could tackle the email program creation, scheduling and all follow-up reports all at once.
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This would be extremely useful for me - I would like to be able to send a report around 1 week after send to several members of our team. Please could it be considered for development.