Search bar in landing page

Search bar in landing page

Creating a landing page is very similar to creating a page on a website. Most of our landing pages are redirecting to eachother. On this matter, it would be very useful to be able to incorporate a Search Bar.
This search bar would be able to look into all landing pages that are connected to each other/redirecting to eachother.
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Hi Michael,

Google has a number of resources on this. You can add a custom search to your page for free:
Just drag over an HTML block and paste in the code.

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Thank you for your reply Grant but even though I copy/paste the code into an HTML block as described, when trying it out is simply does not work..
By typing a simple word I can see on the page, the search bar redirects me to a blank google page... And no search results. 
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Click the customize your own search engine on the right-hand side and add all the URLs you want to be searchable. It won't automatically search pages unless you tell it to.

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