Salesforce Lightning: Upgrade URL in tasks to lightning records

Salesforce Lightning: Upgrade URL in tasks to lightning records

For those of us that integrate Marketo into and did upgrade to the lightning, there are some struggles.

One of them is the activities that are created based on configuration in the Sync Options like shown below.

These activities contain URLs to the emailtemplates in Salesforce. Unfortunately these links go to classic pages.

As we are about to disable classic for most of our users, we need these links to be updated to the lightning location.

So it would be great if we could indicate with a parameter that the URLs need to have a lightning or a classic format.



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It has to be optional. Not everyone is ready to migrate to lightning, mainly because of its slowness.


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Yes it should be indeed optional, and since last releases the performance has hugely improved.

Plus the future is lightning, SFDC is no longer investing in classic.

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Hi Christophe,

I added it here​ but honestly, I do not think that using this "activities" feature is a good idea:

  • It has the big drawback to quickly saturate the SFDC instance with data and I have often seen after a few month the necessity to bulk delete these activities in SFDC in order to avoid buying more data space from SFDC (which is very expensive)
  • It hides the "real" SFDC tasks in the middle of tens of automated, Marketo-sourced ones, thus making the usage of tasks much more difficult
  • It somehow duplicates in fact with campaign membership and MSI entries (including interesting moments).


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