RTP - Schedule a Campaign

RTP - Schedule a Campaign

I am new to Marketo and Real-Time Personalization, so if this functionality is already in place, could you send instructions?

I am setting up campaigns that are only allowed to be on our website for a certain amount of time while the deal is available through a partner.  Is there somewhere you can enter in dates for the campaign to run? That way I don't have to manually go in and pause the campaign, I can just set it to run until the end of the deal?

Thank you so much!

Rachel Van West

Level 4

Hi Rachel Van West the campaign scheduler feature is now available. See more information here:


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Thank you David Myers  and your team for getting this implemented. Already using the scheduler on campaigns, and it is already saving time for setup!!   It is going to make managing ads a lot easier long term!

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Status changed to: In Production