Robust Domain Alias

Robust Domain Alias

I think we should present a more robust Domain Alias feature for Landing Pages hosted in Marketo instances.  Currently the Domain Alias feature is only a redirect.  Currently the only 'mask' or alias of the domain Marketo pages are actually hosted on is provided in the initial set up of the first CNAME configured within Landing Page admin.  Described here:

From then on all pages will be aliased to the CNAME entered in those settings.  But, in several articles we describe the ability to add additional domain aliases:

This second article is describing the ability to have multiple aliases, but this is not the functionality.  This is only a redirect.  Users will still see the first CNAME in the browser URL address bar when visiting a page.  For example.  I have a page in Marketo:  If I set up a domain alias as described in the second article, and link users to, the link will at least work but it is simply a redirect to

This is lacking the robust feature of having the ability to alias the Marketo hosted domains our clients need.  Many have multiple product lines, or business lines that may use the same assets in Marketo.  Clients want to make sure users feel they have not left one domain for another.  Currently this is not available.  I feel we should be making this ability to have multiple aliases an option. 

Currently this is just a redirect, not an alias.
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This is a challenge that I am currently facing. Totally agree with you on this one!
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Hi all,

I have summarized all ideas related to multi domain here :


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