Retroactively removed 'Email was Delivered' if Bounced


Retroactively removed 'Email was Delivered' if Bounced

As many know, but some may not, some email servers produced an email is delivered code, then subsequently reject the email and it get marked as both delivered and bounced i nthe Marketo activity log for that lead. It is documented and discussed here:

Under what circumstances can an email be delivered and bounced?

These emails will not have actually made it to the customer, so all analytics reports are inaccurate and also using the 'email is delivered' filter is inaccurate.

This idea is for Marketo to retroactively go back to the activity log and remove 'email is delivered' if the email in fact bounced.

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This functionality already exists partially. In the Email Performance Report, the Delivered count will be decremented by one if a bounce occurs later after a delivery event has been recorded. However, our Smart Lists operate strictly over the activity table. So, since the delivered event did occur at the earlier point in time, that lead will still appear in a Smart List for "Was Delivered Email". Is is technically challenging to change that behavior.

See this:

Why Does My Smart List Count Not Match the Email Performance Report?

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