Resend Policy in Engagement Program

Resend Policy in Engagement Program

Certain that implementing this feature would be complicated as hell, I'm nevertheless going to throw it out there, because I know I'm not the only one to have asked (and Marketo isn't the only tool that doesn't support this): one of the major limitations in the Engagement Nurture is the lack of ability to set a resend policy. Such a policy requires separate, subordinate campaigns, which does not scale well at all, and the logic is nearly as convoluted as the original Traffic Cop concept (before the Engagement Engine was available). However, when we create nurture programs, a resend policy is a de facto part of the structure, so this has been painful for us.

The logic is pretty self explanatory:

If was sent email x

Wait n days/weeks

If not opened email x, send email x' (new subject line)

Of course, with potentially dozens of pieces of content in any given nurture stream, I imagine this could get complex really quickly, but I envision something like this:


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Your point is all the more true as, as described in one of my comment in this thread : Engagement Program Sending Same Content Out Twice it's almost impossible to send the same email twice, even with programs.

A couple of thoughts :

  • The difficulty is to determine when to stop resend. "Open email" ? "Click email"? "Open email is based on image download and is therefore often not detected, although the lead has opened it. Ideally, it would be necessary to have a "resend until" option, with the possibility to define a smart list, with either triggers or filters. With this, we could create a "resend until registered to an event", or "resent until opens an email", or "resend until changes status in a program"...
  • I would love to have the following setup possibilities :
    • Number of resend
    • Max date (so that it stops resending)
    • Change in subject line


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