Report Subscription attach file in csv format

Report Subscription attach file in csv format

Many users would like to take advantage of the more advanced reporting and dashboards available in other systems eg CRM.  At the moment that requires taking exports from marketo analytics and manually importing them to CRM.

It would be great to be able to email analytics report attachments in csv format so that they can be automatically processed (for example by using handle inbound email).

This would enable automatic population of dashboards in CRM without the need to manually import data.

A small thing that would be really cool!
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Just to add to this - I've tried to use the report subscriptions in a similar way recently, with Klipfolio, which can ingest spreadsheets sent by email to use as dashboard datasources. It seemed to have problems with the format of the XLS file, so CSV would most definitely work better.

Another small related issue - systems like this that can take attachements from emails, they arent always smart enough to pick the right attachment if there is multiple attachments. In my case, Klipfolio would only grab the first attachment in the email, which happened to be the Marketo logo. An option to send the report emails as plain text w/attachment would solve that issue.
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Yeah this is a frequently irritating quirk of Marketo reporting. I too have tried Klipfolio, and ran into the same issue.

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This! Because Marketo's output is apparently an older version of xls, the format is incompatible with Klipfolio (you'll notice that it works if you save it as a .xlsx file). .csv output on subscriptions would be HUGELY helpful!!

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We, too, have a critical need to allow report subscriptions (RCE) to be sent as a .csv file, rather than Excel.  Today, the marketers that receives the Excel file has to manually convert it to a .csv file and then spend a significant amount of time manipulating the blank fields so that a full report exists that can be sortable.  Can Marketo product management provide a status on this - and if it's slated within an upcoming release?  I would think this would be something fairly easy to implement since the option already exists within RCE to export as .csv.

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I guess Marketo doesn't like this idea too much since it's been 3 years since it was submitted

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Looks like this is old, but users receiving reports would like to easily add sort and filter functionality but with an excel file values like Company are merged so it's not easy to set up.  Would be a nice option to have.