"Goal seek" smart list size via manipulating criteria


"Goal seek" smart list size via manipulating criteria

This is a tough one, but hey, you never know....

We are increasingly automating our direct mail - a channel that costs money per dispatch, unlike most emails. So here's my problem....I have a budget of, say, $1000 per week for dispatches. I know that it costs me $5 per piece to dispatch in the mail. So I can send to 200 people, and I want the most qualified 200. Not a random selection of 10% of 2,000.

So instead of having static criteria each week and dynamic smart list size, I want dynamic criteria and a static smart list size. Since my criteria is mostly based on integers (lead score for particular product lines) I'd love to say....take this variable, and vary it to get as close as possible to the target list size.

Excel has a feature like this called "goal seek". Basically, hold everything else constant, but change this variable to get a target value in the output. At the moment in Marketo I need to run the smart list, check the output, modify my number up or down....rinse and repeat. Annoying. At the moment I use random sampling too, but that's not really the best outcome.

Thoughts? Sanford Whiteman​ I'm sure this can be done outside of Marketo more efficiently - but I'd love to keep the logic in one place if I could. And how would I dynamically pass the value back into Marketo even if I calculated it externally?

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