Provide option within Qualification Rules to address duplicate records

Provide option within Qualification Rules to address duplicate records

Due to the various ways in which Marketo deals with duplicates - see this existing idea:   - and specifically how Marketo uses the record that was created FIRST when sending batch emails - it would be super helpful if an option (checkbox) was made available in the Qualification Rules before activating a batch campaign:


This will ensure that the last updated record is used - which often contains updated values of key attributes.  Especially if you're using a list import to update existing leads.  When a lead is included in a list import and there are duplicates in Marketo, it will affect the most recently updated record in Marketo (updated last).  So for any duplicates, none of the updated records would even be used in a batch email.  This is why having this option would be so useful.

Ideally, none of this should be an issue since we should all have clean environments, with no duplicates.  Unfortunately, that's not reality for many of us.

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How do you do when you don't have this option available?

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.41.50 PM.png


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This option is not available. Which is why I created the idea. What I created above is a mock-up of how the option would look in the qualification rules window.

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Well it is a really good idea And I hope it will be developed very soon!

Thanks Dan!

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